Monday, February 4, 2013

Guided Meditation for Stress Management

Stress and anxiety all too often seem to be an accepted part of our daily lives.  We rush around, trying to fit in time for family and friends, and the whole time we are thinking about work or what we need to do tomorrow or next week or next month.  It's hard to live in the present, to be focused on this moment.  I am always amazed when I go out to dinner how many families I see who are sitting together at dinner and yet are all focused on their iPhones or iPads or video games.  What happened to spending time together as a family, to having a conversation over dinner, to enjoying the time you have with family and friends? 

You can learn to live in the moment.  You can become more present in your daily life instead of always looking ahead.  One way to do that is through guided meditation.  Many people when they hear the words meditation envision monks sitting around a room, in silence, without moving for hours at a time.  That's not reality for most of us.  The majority of people will find sitting still, in silence, for 5 minutes overwhelming at first.  That's okay.  Like anything in life meditation takes practice. 

Start with carving out 2 minutes of meditation time for yourself.  Slowly increase the amount of time over the course of a couple days or a week.  Although you may never find an hour a day to meditate, even spending 10-20 minutes daily or every other day will help you lower your stress and improve the quality of your life.

2 Minute Guided Meditation to Release Stress

Guided Meditations

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